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Customized Data Collection

Whether your market study needs are national, regional, or project-specific, Rogers Research can deliver – on time, every time accurately.

With field representatives located in cities across the U.S., studies can be implemented within days. Data is recorded in a designated sample of stores (often pre-approved by the client). All store samples are set up on a custom basis using the most current information. Data is recorded on custom field forms. These forms not only list the items by brand, size and variety, but also by UPC code and product illustration.

Rogers Research does not “piggyback” your retail audit with another clients' project. We gather the data for you and you alone. Your retail data is quickly returned to Rogers Research for verification and data processing.

Tailored Report Formats

Report formats are customized to accommodate your particular market research needs. Rogers Research provides retail data (sales data, distribution data, damage information) in formats designed just for you: Summary tables for quick access to your data, banner points designed for your study, and tables that provides data by your broker region and your sales territory.



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